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What's Reciprocity all about?

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Print and take these guidelines with you on your cruises.

While preparing for your trip, gather information on yacht clubs that you might visit from You don't have to sign in there to get a sheet about each club. If you do sign in as an SNSYC member, you'll see only the clubs with which we have agreements (almost 100 of them!). The Destinations tab shows a map, and the Details tab shows icons you can click on to get these details. Here is some advice that might be useful while you are docked.


Fly your SNSYC burgee. Post your registration card/slip where visible in your boat.

Use on-board holding tanks or else onshore toilets ?no overboard discharge.

Do not discharge bilges at the docks.

Keep pets on a leash. Take plastic bags and clean up/hose off any messes.

Run engines, generators and make music and other noise only after 8 am and before 9 pm (and even then, do it quietly.)

No open fires or BBQ's on docks.

Let someone in the club know if you leave your boat unattended for more than one day. However, in many cases, the reciprocal club expects your boat to be occupied overnight (check the club’s rules before leaving your boat overnight.)

Dispose of garbage in the containers provided. For those reciprocal clubs without garbage containers, take your garbage away with you.

Only wash boats with permission - water may be metered or there may be water shortages.

U.S. federal law prohibits throwing, discharging, or depositing any refuse matter of any kind into the water. Black water can not be discharged in United States waters.

When others leave, move your boat if needed to create efficient dock space for new arrivals.

Return any gate/washroom keys, and pay for extra days moorage.

Normally you pay for electricity for every day you use it, even during free moorage periods. Electrical charges are for each electrical cord, per day.

Have a few envelopes on your boat, to leave gate keys & electrical or moorage money if you leave outside of regular hours. Note your name, yacht name, the SNSYC name, and details of money/cheques left.

Bring your own laundry detergent for yacht club laundries.

Report any problems you have, as well as positive comments, to Jon Preston at

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