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Race DateEventEvent TimeEligibility
Jan 01 2014Rum Race11:00All Yachts
Jan 05 2014Frost Bite Invitational Race11:00All Yachts
Jan 12 2014Winter Long Distance #1 (Russel Island Race)10:00All Yachts
Jan 19 2014Winter Long Distance #211:00PHRF
Jan 26 2014Winter Long Distance #311:00PHRF
Feb 02 2014Winter Long Distance #411:00PHRF
Feb 09 2014Winter Long Distance #511:00PHRF
Feb 16 2014Spring Joint #110:30All Yachts
Feb 23 2014Spring Joint #210:30All Yachts
Mar 02 2014Spring Joint #310:30All Yachts
Mar 09 2014Spring Joint #410:30All Yachts
Mar 16 2014Spring Joint #510:30All Yachts
Mar 22 2014Patos Island (overnight race)TBAAll Yachts
Mar 30 2014Spring Long Distance #1 (Mandarte Island)10:00All Yachts
Apr 06 2014Spring Long Distance #2 (Arachne Reef)10:00All Yachts
Apr 12 2014THRASH (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Apr 13 2014Spring Long Distance #3 (Zero Rock)10:00All Yachts
Apr 18 2014Southern Straits (Easter Weekend)TBAAll Yachts
Apr 19 2014CBSC Annual Regatta (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Apr 27 2014Spring Long Distance #4 (Sidney Hobart Race)10:00All Yachts
May 04 2014Spring Pursuit11:00PHRF
May 10 2014Thetis Island RegattaTBAAll Yachts
May 10 2014Commodore's Cup & Sail Past12:00All Yachts
May 17 2014Round Saltspring Island (overnight race)10:00All Yachts
May 18 2014Spring Long Distance #5 (canoe Rock Race)10:00All Yachts
May 21 2014RTB A118:30PHRF
May 24 2014Swiftsure (overnight race)10:00All Yachts
May 28 2014RTB A218:30PHRF
May 31 2014Schooner Cove Regatta (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Jun 01 2014Spring Long Distance #6 (Sidney Island Race)10:00All Yachts
Jun 04 2014RTB A318:30PHRF
Jun 07 2014CFSA Annual Regatta (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Jun 11 2014RTB A418:30PHRF
Jun 18 2014RTB A518:30PHRF
Jun 22 2014Jack & Jill Race11:00PHRF
Jun 25 2014RTB B118:30PHRF
Jun 28 2014SIN Regatta (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Jul 02 2014RTB B218:30PHRF
Jul 05 2014Vendee Saltspring (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Jul 09 2014RTB B318:30PHRF
Jul 13 2014Single Handed Race11:00PHRF
Jul 16 2014RTB B418:30PHRF
Jul 20 2014Whidbey Island Race Week (6 days)TBAAll Yachts
Jul 23 2014RTB B518:30PHRF
Jul 30 2014RTB C118:30PHRF
Aug 02 2014Cowichan Bay Regatta (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Aug 06 2014RTB C218:30PHRF
Aug 13 2014RTB C318:30PHRF
Aug 20 2014RTB C418:30PHRF
Aug 27 2014RTB C518:30PHRF
Aug 30 2014Maple Bay Regatta (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Sep 13 2014SNSYC Regatta (2 days)10:30All Yachts
Sep 21 2014Fall Joint #110:30All Yachts
Sep 28 2014Fall Joint #210:30All Yachts
Oct 04 2014Thermopylae Regatta (2 days)TBAAll Yachts
Oct 05 2014Fall Joint #310:30All Yachts
Oct 12 2014Fall Joint #410:30All Yachts
Oct 19 2014Fall Joint #510:30All Yachts
Oct 26 2014Great Pumpkin11:00PHRF
Nov 02 2014Gumboot Pursuit11:00PHRF
Nov 09 2014Fall Long Distance #111:00PHRF
Nov 16 2014Fall Long Distance #211:00PHRF
Nov 23 2014Fall Long Distance #311:00PHRF
Nov 29 2014Awards Night18:00All Yachts
Nov 30 2014Fall Long Distance #411:00PHRF
Dec 07 2014Fall Long Distance #511:00PHRF
Dec 26 2014Rudolph's Revenge Invitational11:00PHRF
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