Brent England Commodore commodore@snsyc.ca
Andy Quaye Vice Commodore vice-commodore@snsyc.ca
Ken Neilson Rear Commodore rear-commodore@snsyc.ca
Brian Bickley Past Commodore past-commodore@snsyc.ca
Ron Turner Racing Captain racing-captain@snsyc.ca
Jon Preston Cruising Captain cruising-captain@snsyc.ca
Murray Wiseman Treasurer treasurer@snsyc.ca
Bob Pearce Secretary secretary@snsyc.ca
Mark Ketler Membership Director membership@snsyc.ca
Communications Director communications@snsyc.ca
Sigi Gudavicius Facilities Director facilities@snsyc.ca
Stephen Hill Junior Training Director junior-advisor@snsyc.ca

Sam Johnston Advertising Coordinator advertising@snsyc.ca
Jackie Brien Annual Editor annual@snsyc.ca
Tony Van Wouw Audiovisual Manager audiovisual@snsyc.ca
Michael Ervin Boat Manager boatmanager@snsyc.ca
John Philion Club Photographer photographer@snsyc.ca
Brian Bickley Council of BC Yacht Clubs council@snsyc.ca
Bonnie Alguire Cruising Coordinator cruising@snsyc.ca
Education Coordinator education@snsyc.ca
Chris McCarthy Entertainment Coordinator entertainment@snsyc.ca
Bert Vermeer Newsletter Editor newsletter@snsyc.ca
Geri Jacques OBMG Liaison obmg_liaison@snsyc.ca
Donna Fremont Park Host Coordinator parkhost@snsyc.ca
John Windas PHRF Handicapper phrf@snsyc.ca
Reciprocity reciprocity@snsyc.ca
Regalia regalia@snsyc.ca
Adrian Kershaw Volunteer Coordinator volunteer@snsyc.ca
Ian Leitch Webmaster webmaster@snsyc.ca
Colleen Hope Social Media Maven socialmedia@snsyc.ca

Brian Taylor Club Manager manager@snsyc.ca
Leah Larsen Bar Supervisor service@snsyc.ca
Rob Mountfort Executive Chef chef@snsyc.ca
Upcoming Events
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